Supertoto 14: 14.09.2012

Here we are again. The registration for the supertoto of this week has been closed.
I did only played one coupon of 1,60 euros.

The turnover for this week is 35193,7 euros. This is a 3000 euro higher than average for this year (32490 euro). There are 9521 coupons registered, this is a little bit above average for this year (9394). The average ante per coupon is 3,70 euro.

Price pot according to groups (all in euros):
Group a (14/14): 13102,11 (single winner: 63102,11)
Group b (13/14): 6334,87
Group c (12/14): 5982,93
Group d (11/14): 7038,74

If there are more than 7039 tickets within group d, there will be no pay-out. For group c the limit is set on 5983 tickets.

Luckily for me there are no matches from la Ligue 1 on the coupon, which increases my chances.

Here is my coupon for today:
Supertoto 14 14.09.2012

Good luck,

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price per head service said...

It is a pity that I could make it for this Supertoto, I will try to get the next one.