Supertoto: Are you going for gold or for the jackpot

Both things would be great but both require a different strategy. There can be a big difference between gold and the jackpot within the Supertoto. Expecially when playing a supertoto 14!

The average pay-out for a ticket within the supertoto 14, with all 14 matches correct, is between 500 - 1000 euros. Compare this with the guaranteed jackpot of at least 50000 euros for a single winner. A big difference isn't?
Due to the fact that the guaranteed pot for a single winner within the Supertoto Extra is between 5.000 and 10.000 euros, the difference here is of course a lot smaller.

If you are going for 14 correct that you have sufficient information on the internet on which you can make your predictions.
But when playing for the jackpot you need to fully understand that you are not playing against the bookie but against other gamblers. This is for instance why I don't place my coupons on advance on my blog. You my readers and fellow gambler or also my enemies!  Or if I win big, my cash cows :).

Within the supertoto screen you will see, beside statistics about the turnover also a tab called Distibution.
In contract to which many think, this is not a winning percentage, but this how the others ,who have already placed their coupon, predicted the matches on their coupons.

When the coupon is release on monday morning, the distribution should 33 for all columns.
Suppose we that the game Estonia - Romania from last Friday. You can see in the results of this Supertoto 14, that the distribution was 20 - 28 - 52. Meaning that 52% of the tickets registered Romania as the winnner, 20% did see Estonia taking the 3 points and 28% did bet on a draw.
In this example Romania did win with 0 - 2 eliminating 48% of the tickets for the jackpot.

By examining the distribution list and combining this with your own research is the only way of making a chance on the Supertoto Jackpot. The one cannot go without the other!
If you do see, that all your bets, are in line with the biggest number on the distribution list, your chances on the jackpot will be almost nihil!

Happy hunting,

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price per head bookmaking said...

You are right it is quite different between gold and jackpot. Even though jackpot you can earn a lot of money. It is harder.