Week 4: first loosing week of the year

A loss of 5.84 pts means the first loosing week of the year.

21 bets played. 15 golf bets, 5 football bets and one tennis bet.
Only 2 winners. This was the fourth place of Eddy Pepperel at Qatar and a single bet on a football game.
Add this 9.38 pts pay-out to the return of 0,78 pts on the 5 goalscorer system bet and we have a combined return of 10,16 pts and a negative ROI of 36,5%.

You know what is frustating?
In the beginning of the year I did line up 8 players without a victory on the European tour. All promising players. Having the idea the bet on these player. I was still working out how I would bet on them, besides the regular golf bets.
If I would have played these from the beginning of the year I would have made a profit of 21,5 pts.
I will be betting on these players, each tournament this will play this year. On each of them a 0.5 pts bet for a top 5 place.

Good luck,

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