Happy New Year

The good thing about a new year is that you can take a fresh start! We all know that this is also possible in the middle of the year, but only very few people do this.

My plan for this year is simple. I do want to make a profit, doesn’t matter how much, as long as it is a profit it is okay for me.
So this year it is serious. While fun stands above profit, profit will be my goal.

This year I will also try to learn from my mistakes in the past, I will try to expand my betting knowledge, I will stick to sports I know, understand and have knowledge about.

As you can see on the top of my blog, I did create pages. These pages represents the sports and betting types I will focus on.
Each sport and betting type will have it’s own bankroll and status updates.
In short my betting plans for 2016 consists of:
-          Both team to score: No single bets here. I will start with combos of 3 matches and an ante of €1. Depending on the results the ante of the number of matches on the ticket will increase. Starting bankroll is €15.
-          Over 2.5 bets: Similar to the BTTS. Also the bankroll will start at €15.
-          Anytime goalscorer: again similar with BTTS and O 2.5. And again a starting bankroll of €15.
-          Dremebers 1K challenge: The rules of this challenge can be read in the previous post. The idea is to turn a starting bet of €2 into €1k. In contrast to many of these challenges this includes a banking method. There is no restrictions on the type of sport, but will be mainly Football, Tennis and Basketball. Starting bankroll is €20.
-          Supertoto: Offered by Unibet it is a toto pool, where you are not playing against the bookie but against other players. Depending on the number of matches correct you can get a share of the price pool. I will allow myself 10 attempts of max €3.2, resulting in a starting bankroll of €32.
-          Golf Bets: Here I will place my bets on the European and PGA tour. Probably I will bet on the first round leader (if my bookies are offering this) of each tournament and 3 each way bets. Still doubting how I will fill this in. But I will keep you posted. The starting bankroll is €50. Evenly divided among the European and PGA tour.

So in total my starting bankroll is €147. I will not deposit this in one deposit. I will start with half of it so €75.
If a bankroll dries out, that part of my betting will probably be cancelled. This means that I’m obviously loosing money there, so there is no point in continuing trying to recover my losses.

Also still doubting how many bookies I will use. For the moment I will keep it at 1.

To prove to myself that it is serious this time, I did purchase a book. I will start with reading “The smart money”.

Have a good year,

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