My official 2017-2018 betting season starts at the first of September.

My official 2017-2018 betting season starts at the first of September.

I’m still doubting if I will continue to blog about sports betting on this blog, create a new blog or just stop completely with blogging. We will see which direction life brings me. The problem about blogging that it does cost a lot of time.

If I do continue blogging I do need to bring this blog to a higher level and most of all improve my writing skills!!

Like told in the beginning my betting season starts on the first of September. It is not that I’m not betting now, but more playing around in a sandbox. Trying out some new betting strategies and trying to set up a betting plan for the new season.

Why do I start the first of September. By starting then, I hope to have some more insight in the competitions, balancing the teams and most of all cause the transfer market is closed.

The betting bank for the new season will be €150. Like each year the aim to make a profit J, which is harder than it looks. For sure cause I don’t play single bets.

Before we can look forward, we have to look back and try to figure out where it did go wrong last season. Unfortunately and luckily there are several reasons.
-          Too much compulsive bets;
-          Some bets with a higher stake than should be allowed according to the betting bank;
-          Shots in the dark;
-          Betting with emotions;
-          Too many outstanding bets;
-          Trying to chase lost bets;
-          Forgetting that sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint.

So, we do know where it went wrong. The question is how can we avoid such mistakes for the new betting season.

Most of the flaws can be corrected by forcing myself to restrict the number of bets and ante during weekdays and weekends and most important of all sticking to these restrictions.

Easy peasy, isn’t?


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