October recap

October was a good, maybe even a great month.

I did manage to create a profit, which makes it good. The total profit can still rise, due to the fact that 2 games from a 3 fold acca draw have to be played.

But I also made some mistakes. The biggest one, is that I did place to many acca’s on the last match day of the moment.
The idea behind this was that I was happy with my 50+ profit and that I was sure that at least one acca would land.

But it was a worth full lesson. Glad that I did made the mistake.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

75 accas played, a total ante of €154,72 and a total pay-out of €211,71. This gives us a profit of €55,43. A very healthy ROI of 35,47%.

SixFold Win Acca
The biggest profit was made with the Sixfold Win acca’s. Good for almost halve the profit.

This could have been much better. From the 3 loosing tickets, 2 of them only had 1 incorrect. One was lost due to a missed penalty in the 85th minute.

Will be a keeper. But only on matchday where I can pick from more than 40 matches.

Trifold Draw FC
These are full cover bets, on 3 draws. In the beginning I did play the singles doubles and the trebles. But after investigating my results, I did eliminate the single bets.

16 tickets were played. 6 with the renewed ante (€2,5) and then with the old staking plan (€4).

One ticket was landed nicely. Good for a pay-out of €53,61.
Only one other ticket came close with 2 correct draws. Still good for a small profit.

Overall a €14,79 profit, with a ROI of 26,89%. Will continue these in November. One correct per month should be good enough to ensure a profit.

Fourfold Mixed
4 games on these tickets, consisting of 1X2, Over and BTTS bets. Mostly I did combine bankers with higher odds.

Played 11 of these in October, and it delivered a profit of €8,82. Still a ROI of 52,81%. The ROI is so high due to the fact that the ante per tickets in lower than the other Accas. How more games on the betting slip, how lower my ante is.

Only one win, good enough for a pay-out of €25,52.
Will be a keeper for next month.

Trifold O2.5

Betting slips with 3 games over 2.5 goals. I did expect a higher profit from this acca type.
Played 13 of these and it delivered a profit of €3,76. 4 winning tickets and 4 with only  incorrect.

This is one of the corner stones of my betting plan.

Trifold Win
Shocking that this stands so low on the profit list. It is my betting type with the highest ante in total. Good for a small profit of €2,03. Only a ROI of 8,21%, which is still better than bringing money to the bank J

Only 3 winning tickets here, which should be higher next month. Lots of near wins with 5 tickets with only 1 incorrect. Just like the overs, this is one of the corner stones of my betting plan.

Tennis Double
Did only started playing these on the last days of the month. Based on the twitter account of @UpTheStakes.

2 tickets played, 2 tickets won. Shouldn’t it always be like this? To be honnest not enough info to make a conclusion. Will continue to play these in November with a max of 2 per day!

We are now moving to the tickets were I can learn from J

Trifold BTTS
For me personally one of the hardest to play. Most of the time I underestimate the situations in which an underdog still nets a goal. This turns this betting type into a red one. A loss of €-4,33 is recorded.

Played 12 times, with an average ante of 1,5 per ticket. Only 2 wins and only 2 near wins. So more research has to be done. But I do consider the BTTS together with the 3fold win and over, the cornerstones of my betting plan. For the moment, no reason the wipe out these bets.

SixFold Over Acca
Only played 2 tickets. Both tickets didn’ have a chance L
Will play a few of them next month. When it stays a loosing Acca, then it will be eliminated from December onwards.

So overall a good month. But still a lot of improvement can be made.

From now on, the blog will only be used to do recaps or brag about winning tickets. The bets itself are tweeted on my twitter account. @FullCoverBet.


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