Betting plan 2009-2010

The football season is knocking on the door. So it is time to set up my betting strategy for this season.
Last season I doubled my BR and so that’s my goal for next season.

All my best will be placed at Unitbet, my preferred bookie.

First my general rules:
• I will only play combos and the supertoto.
• All my bets will be 1€ bets.
• The maximum ticket price for the supertoto will be 1.60€.
• I will stay of the season bets for the moment. Maybe during the winter break when I have a better funded BR I will place some.
• The starting BR for this season will be 50€.
• Only 1 fun combo per week!
• The maximum ante per week will be 6.60€.
• My season starts at the 31st of July and end after the World cup 2010. (If my BR allows it)

My betting plan:
There will 3 types of bets I will be playing. The combo (mostly on football) betting, the football supertoto and the fun combo.
Sometimes I will sidestep to different sports like Tennis or the F1. But 90% off all bets will be football related.

The fun combo:
Once a week I will be playing a fun combo. This is a betting slip with 12 bets (the maximum @ Unibet) combined. The bets will be covering all kinds of sports. I’m hoping that I can combine 2 or 3 successful fun combos. Which if I succeed will be enough to assure a profitable season.

The Weekend bets:
During a regular football weekend I will play the following combos:
The Belgian Jupiler League special, which will cover 2 to 3 games of the Jupiler League. This is the competition of my country, so I expect a lot of these bets.

The multi country special: This betting slip will contain 1 game of each of the big European football competitions (Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Ligue 1, La primera division) completed with games for the Dutch Eredivisie and the Belgium Jupiler League.

The twins: It is what it says it is. A combo of 2 games from the 7 competitions above. In general this will be a more risky ticket, with a pay-out of around 2€.

The triplet: Same as the double but this time with 3 games.

The quadruple: This slip will contain 4 games. In contrast to the double I will play more rather safe games here. The question is what you consider a rather safe. This will be most of the time home games of the big favourites of 1 of the 7 competitions.

The supertoto XL or XXL: 14 games in this ticket. The biggest advantage is that a ticket costs only 0.10€. The pot is divided among the players who have 11 to 14 correct predictions on their ticket. The matches on the ticket are most likely games from the Premier League, Serie A and La Primera Division. The matches are played on Saturday and Sunday. I will play one ticket of 1.60€, meaning that I can tick 5 boxes extra.

The midweek bets:
If it is a regular midweek with no European games. It will be the same as the weekend bets.
If it is a midweek full of European matches. I will place the following bets:
The septet: Will only be played in the beginning of the season when there are enough European matches to choose from.
The triplet: 2 per midweek with 3 European matches.

The stats:
Of course I will record my statistics, so you can see how safe a type of bet can be followed (or not!).

I will keep the following stats:
* The general BR flow per month
* Per betting type
* The number of bets played
* The number of winning tickets
* Money invested
* Money won
* Profit Made

Good luck,

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