Cav will not win tomorrow! Roddick will take a set!

Shit happens. I was to focused on registering for two fantasy games I'm participating in.
So what did happen today? Well Cancellara did what everybody was expecting from him. He won the first TT of the TDF 2009 with supremacy.

Serena won wimbledon. Not a surprise for me but this is easy said knowing the score. I was planning to place a bet on her but shopping had a higher priority.

My favorite Italian restaurant is for sale. Bummer!!!

Let's take a look at tomorrow bets.
Well that's an easy one. Federer will win but not as easy as everybody is expecting. Unibet is offering odds of 1,12 for a win for Federer and 6.40 for a Roddick surprise.
I think that more value can be obtained in set betting. I expect that Roddick with his powerful serve will take at least one set. The odds on a victory for Federer with 3-1 or 3-2 are much more appealing that just betting on the victory.
I have placed a bet on both 3-1 (3.40) and 3-2 (8.50), so if Roddick does what I expect from him then I'm making a profit.

Tour de France
Everybody is expecting a first bunch sprint and a victory for Cavendish. But I'm not so sure. The course contains 4 climbs of 4th category and a small steep hill at 10km for the finish. I expect a crazy start with cause some riders do want to take that Yellow Jersey, this will cost Cav some power. Remember he is the lesser climber of the sprinters. Also the steep hill at 10km for the finish is an excellent opportunity for a new break away (if the bunch is intact at the moment). So I'm not betting on Cav the odds are in my eyes just not good enough.

Tomorrow we will know more.


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