TDF preview part 3: The king of the mountains.

Well I guess you expected the chicken with the golden eggs. Finally somebody who knew who the real contenders were for this competition.

Well I have to let you down. I really have no clue. In the old days it was easy you could safely bet on Virenque. Another safe bet was that the king of the mountain would be caught within 1 or 2 year on doping (Rasmussen, Kohl, Virenque, etc…).

If I look at the odds of most bookmakers, Moncoutie is the only favorite followed by a bunch of climbers. With odds of 3.75 it isn’t such a crazy bet. Don’t forget that he came second in the king of the mountains competition during the Dauphine.

But bookmakers also say the Contador will take the Polka dot jersey home. I personally don’t believe this. GC contenders normally only attack at the last mountain of the stage and most of the time only if the stage ends on top of the mountain. This year there are 3 such stages.

Of course there are always the outsiders like A. Schleck, Sastre, Gesink, Martin (both T and D.) and so on.
But this competition is too unpredictable to go into depth with a preview.

During the search for valuable content I did discover that luckily my Bookmaker is offering the best odds on the net. For sure if you for instance believe that Evans will win. Unibet odds on Evans are sometimes 50% higher than other bookies. So, remember that is not only important who to bet on, but also where to bet!!

Good luck,

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